Ideal Bikes

IDEAL Mountainbikes is available in two different wheel sizes, choose what suits you best.

29″ bikes are ideal touring and marathon bikes. Compared to 27.5″ wheels, the large wheels have increased traction and lower rolling resistance. Obstacles are easier to ride over due to the flat angle of attack, making the bike much smoother and safer to ride. However, a 29″ bike is not always the better choice. If the rider is smaller in height or places more value on low weight, greater stiffness and more agility, a 27.5″ bike is recommended.

Additional equipment can be fitted to the MTB easily and usually without additional adapters. All frames are equipped with threads for bottle cages, side stands, mudguards and pannier racks. To ensure that the bike retains its elegance, all threads and mounts are integrated into the frame in the best possible way. The frames also look very tidy thanks to the integrated cable routing, with shift cables running inside the frame and brake sleeves on the outside. The brake sleeves are routed externally to make it easier to repair or replace the brakes. All frames have organic tubesets that are adapted to the loads.

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